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I’m currently into building custom desktop workstation for high compute applications. And there’s nothing better than to use AMD Ryzen microprocessors to deliver such requirement - beating Intel in performance and efficiency.  And with the latest Ryzen 7000 series, the gap has widened and the performance and lower power consumption is just  mind blowing.  


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Back in early 2016, I was able to get a hand on the actual SPARC M7 processor (see table photo) during one of the workshops.

It was the most advanced processor I've known at that time.

I was able to translate the live accoustic version of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors. Check out my chord guide which comes with finger position mapping.

Have fun and enjoy your guitar playing!

Database High Availability is becoming more important in today’s technology boom. Most of the businesses now have their own web presence and has joined the e-commerce world to complement their retail stores. My presentation at the North Central Oracle Applications User’s Group (NCOAUG) held in Chicago, Illinois, provides an overview of how Shareplex replication technology was used to provide 24x7 database uptime of an e-commerce website with zero downtime for both planned and unplanned maintenance and incidents.

Event Reference:

2011 NCOAUG Event

NCOAUG 2011 Training Day Abstract

Chad’s Event Presentation: NCOAUG Required Technologies of Highly Available Database

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Mac Computing

2021 Apple Silicon Mac Lineup

Great news for those who are heavy Mac users. The M1 silicon has gone to a PRO level by expanding more cores to the compute unit and and internal gpu, plus additional accelerators intended for video and audio creations.

Here are some of the highlights as presented in the October 2021 Apple Event.

M1 Pro

M1 Max

As Apple goes through the 2-yr transition into the Apple Silicon, softwares that run on the Intel-Mac will work via the Rosetta virtualization which so far had been doing well.

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