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Operating Systems


Application Server And Programming

  Apple Mac OS X

OS X Default Port List

How To Assign DHCP Static IP For Guest OS In VMWare Fusion

How To Install VMWare Tools In Solaris x86 UNIX Guest OS

How To Change Default Domain Name Of VMWare Fusion

How To Rename A Windows Server Hostname Of VM Clone

How To Enable Permanent Discrete Graphics In Mac OS X

Virtual Box Guest OS Installation

SSD And Flash Drive TRIM

How To Change The Hostname In Mac OS X

How To Create A MacOS USB Installer

  Solaris UNIX

How To Configure Hostname In Solaris DHCP

Solaris Projects And User Accounts

How To Add Swap Space In Solaris

X11 Forwarding In Solaris 11

Solaris Sudo Configuration

Securing The Application OS Account

How To Create Raw Disk For Oracle ASM

Solaris 11 Network IP Configuration

Solaris SSH User Key Authentication Setup

Solaris NFS Server and Client Setup

UNIX Port map


How To Configure DHCP Hostname In Linux

Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

Open SSH user Configuration Guide

NFS Server And Client Configuration

How To Setup Local Certificate Authority

How To Extract Root And Intermediate Cert From Client Certificate

How to Configure SUDO For Users



            Windows Checking For Updates Hanging Issue

            Checkpoint VPN SSL Network Extender Not Working


  Oracle RDBMS

Shell Environment Setup

Oracle Basics: How to install Oracle 12c Database Software

Oracle Basics: Database Listener Configuration Using Netca

Oracle Basics: How To Create An Oracle Database

Oracle 12c ASM Installation And Configuration

Data Guard Setup For Physical Standby

Database High-Availability NCOAUG 2011

How To Check Oracle Database Memory And Storage Size

Oracle Grid Cluster Installation With NFS

Password Management And User Profiles

DELL Quest Shareplex Replication Setup

GoldenGate Replication For Classic Capture

GoldenGate Replication For Downstream Integrated Capture

Data Comparison DBMS Utilities

Oracle Advanced Security Configuration

Oracle EM Database Express Configuration

Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager High Availability Installation

Rman Backup And Recovery Quick Guide

Netbackup For Oracle RMan

Oracle Cross Platform Database Migration

Oracle Default Ports List

  SQL Server

Installing SQL Server 2008 R2 In Windows Server 2012 R2

Backup Procedure

T-SQL scripts


  Couchbase NoSQL

NoSQL Couchbase Installation and Configuration

Couchbase Online Upgrade And Patching

Couchbase CBC Client Install

Couchbase CRUD Operations Using CBC

Couchbase Mobile Sync Gateway (Non-Root Install)

Sample Sync Gateway Installation And Configuration Procedure

Sample Sync Gateway Data Update Using CURL

Couchbase Backup and Recovery

Couchbase CLI Tools


Sample Java JDBC Database Ping

Web SQL Tool


            Couchbase Index Script Generator

  Web Server

IPlanet Setup and Configuration

Tomcat Setup and Configuration

  Oracle PL/SQL

Sample Cursor Implementation

Sample Duplicate Record Script

SQL Reference Guide

Performance Sample Scripts